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10 May 2006 06:00

AjaxWorld Special: Creating AJAX and Rich Internet Components with JSF @ JAVA DEVELOPER\'S JOURNAL

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Creating AJAX and Rich Internet Components with JSF. JavaServer Faces (JSF) standardizes the server-side component model for Web application development but doesn't standardize the presentation layer at the browser. In a series of articles we are going to look at how JSF can fulfill new presentation requirements without sacrificing application developer productivity building Rich Internet Applications (RIA).

10 May 2006 02:00

AJAX: How to Handle Bookmarks and Back Buttons

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by Brad Neuberg 10/26/2005 This article presents an open source JavaScript library that finally brings bookmarking and back button support to AJAX applications. By the end of this tutorial, developers will have a solution to an AJAX problem that not even Google Maps or Gmail possesses: robust, usable bookmarking and back and forward behavior that works exactly like the rest of the Web. - JavaServer Faces vs Tapestry - A Head-to-Head Comparison

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The article arose from having to make a recommendation on which of the two frameworks to use in a real project. It's a task I can imagine many Java developers facing in the months to come.

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