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Market Your Local Business

Marketing and advertising are key ingredients of being successful in good times and they re even more important during the bad times.


Nine Reasons to Live in the Costa Blanca

Why would anyone want to come and live in the Costa Blanca? Well, here are some good reasons?

How to Get Rid of Unsightly Stretch Marks

Both women and men sufferers can get rid of their unsightly stretch marks or at the very least make them considerably less noticeable.

Cold Sores - Causes, Symptoms and Treatments

Caused by a virus known as the Herpes Simplex Virus (HSV1) that almost every human carries, cold sores are also known as ‘oral herpes’ or ‘fever blisters’.

Who Discovered Titanium?

An amateur geologist and rector of Creed in Cornwall, England, is credited as the discoverer of Titanium in 1791.

The Rosia Montana Dilemma Update

The main bone of contention of the Rosia Montana Project was the environmental damage caused by the use of cyanide pits in the extraction process. Now that Romania has joined the European Union more pressure has been put on the prevention of the project.

Fishy Cure For Psoriasis

Sufferers of psoriasis will do almost anything to find a cure for this unpleasant skin complaint. One of the treatments being used today at some spas in Turkey is for the patients to immerse themselves or their affected limbs in the water with hundreds...

Ways To Buy Gold - Bullion Bars and Coins

In these days of uncertainty, owning physical gold in the shape of bullion bars and coins and storing them at home, in a safe deposit box or secure vault gives many investors the confidence that they may lack in paper gold virtual promissory notes such...

Ways To Buy Gold - Mutual Funds

Buying exposure to gold through a mutual fund is a relatively simple way to buy gold and enter the market. Particularly in these highly volatile times there are safety features not all present in the alternatives.

Who Can Predict The Coming Events?

In a world gone mad is there anybody that can confidently predict the events that will unfold in the course of the next week, month or year. Indeed who knows, or even has a clue how the markets around the world will behave this coming Monday morning.

Why Contact Lens Are Best For Peripheral Sight

Contact lenses are located in contact with and covering the cornea. The ophthalmologist will take precise measurements of the eye surface in order for the contact lens to fit comfortably and provide the necessary vision correction.

Stock Market Panic Is Escalating

This has now become ridiculous. In less than two and a half hours the Dow has oscillated between 500 and 45 points down. Gold has dropped to below $895 an ounce, so what is it all about?

Market Panic Deepens

Spot gold rose to nearly $930 an ounce in overnight trading in Asia and has settled at over $920 an ounce in early trading in Europe and the UK. Yesterday it had been knocked back to $885 an ounce, this poses the question –do these large fluctua...

Significant Signs That Favour Gold

Despite the financial turmoil in markets worldwide there are small but significant signs that make the prospect for our favourite metal look enticing. The problem is that most of these indicators have been around for as...

Why Have I Got Psoriasis And Can It be Treated?

Factors that are present and may trigger cases of the disease include medications and drugs, skin lesions and scars, sun burn, alcoholism, bacterial infections, colds and hereditary.

How To Deal With Conjunctivitis

Dealing with conjunctivitis is not easy but knowing the facts will help you to understand what causes it and hopefully to treat it. Commonly known as ‘pink eye', conjunctivitis is any inflammation that occurs in the clear tissue that covers the whit...

The Early Symptoms Of Psoriasis On The Skin

Psoriasis is a recurring but non-infectious scaly skin condition with no known cause or prevention. It can strike both sexes, most usually between the ages of five to twenty five. Skin Psoriasis Symptoms The early symptoms of psoriasis can easily be m...

How To Have Desirable Pouty Lips

If you have very thin lips but you really want pouty lips,you should try to give the impression of fullness by applying makeup that accentuates them.

Why Have PGMs Fallen Off a Cliff?

With gold and silver taking center stage as the current US economic situation looks to be deteriorating further with the dollar continuing on its downward path, there seems little reward in playing the PGM market and its producers.

Gold & Silver – Has Anything Changed?

Yesterday saw the Dow soar on the back of the latest plan to rescue the financials. This morning the European markets took off on the back of the news with some UK and Irish banks showing gains up to 50% or more. As the eu...

Markets Driven by Greed

The era of markets driven by greed and short termism should now be over. Historical market principles will once again dictate their behavior.

Financial Crises Factors

Factors not encountered in previous financial crises are present today. By far the most significant has been the out of control growth in credit fostered by greed and encouraged by incompetent politicians

Arguments For And Against Investing In Gold

This article has been reproduced by kind courtesy of Bullion Vault. It is a timely reminder of the arguments for and against investing in gold in a time of financial crises. Questions are posed that you will need to ...

Different Skin Types Require Different Protection

What is not generally recognized is that different skin types require sunscreens with the appropriate protection factor (SPF number) to suit.

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