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15 April 2006

What is OpenVPN?

OpenVPN is a fully-featured SSL VPN system. Supporting site to site VPN; remote acess, WIFI security, and other goodies. Open VPN uses OSI layer 2 or 3 with standard SSL/TLS protocol.

14 April 2006

VPN and IPSek.. The Future of secure?

Since VPN gives you securitym even when using internet for your communication. This, as i have said before, gives you the oppertunity to total privacy between two endpoints, with a secure vpn tunnel between

13 April 2006

Virtual private network; the different types...

There are several different types of VPN. They can be categorized under secure VPN and tusted VPN. Secure VPNs (aka; SVPNs) takes use of such things as encrypted tunneling, increased confidentiality, and alot of privacy. The “secure” part of VPN means using a more or less secure protocol. Amongst the used ones, i count, IPsec, SSL (ex openvpn) and PPTP.

12 April 2006

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