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March 2007

Tara Reid no bra

Tara Reid shops without her bra on. Maybe thats what she buys for - new bras…

January 2007

New face of Courtney Love

Something is new in Courtney Love’s Face - her nose and lips. According to her 2007 new years resolution, “No more surgery for any reason other than medical until I really need it in my 60s”. The widow of Kurt Cobain wants to clean up her act in 2007. Courtney plans to have fantastic sex, stop partying with teens and tend to Kurt’s spirit.

This Daniella Cicarelli Sex Tape Is Making Brazil Go Nuts!

A Brazilian supermodel having sex on the beach has gotten YouTube banned from the entire country of Brazil! The sex tape features Daniella Cicarelli getting busy in the ocean with some Speedo wearing banker dude.

Jessica Alba Bikini Pics

She doesn’t like having her photo taken by the paps, yet for the past week all she’s done is parade around different beaches in a bikini!!!

Tara Conner in Miss USA Playboy Spread?

That’s the salacious headline folks, but according to Page Six the photo spread of the hot Kentucky native may be anything but sexy and southern, y’all.

Evangeline Lilly might quit ‘LOST’

Actress Evangeline Lilly is saying once again that she is sick of the fame that comes from being on a hit American TV show ‘LOST’. She is now saying she might quit the show unless fans quit recognizing her in public.

Sienna Miller To Launch Fashion Line

Sienna: “We wanted to create that London world that feels inaccessible.”

Britney Spears Checks Into a Health Spa

According to Access Hollywood, Britney Spears has checked herself into an Arizona Health Spa called Sanctuary, after her little ’sleeping incident’ at the Pure nightclub NYE party earlier in the week.

Penelope Cruz: Sexy Makes Me Nervous

"I don't pay attention to people calling me sexy. It makes me nervous when people start using labels. It's boring. "I don't understand why people tend to typecast you."

Ashlee Simpson Bikini Candids

Why the heck not? We’ve seen bikini pictures of every celebrity in Hollywood this week, why not the girl formerly known as Ashlee Simpson.

Jessica Alba is cold

A shitload more pictures after the jump if you can last that long…

Lindsay Lohan bikini shots

Lindsay Lohan gets a little R&R in a pool in Miami to kick off the new year.

Surprise erotic art

Via Gloria Brame's Erotic Art Friday, these great pieces. Artworks you could put on top of the fireplace, which looked innocent at first glance, but with a secret function that made them naughty when you open them up.

November 2006

Politics Suck: Letter From A Dead Man.

Poisoned Russian spy Alexander Litvinenko has died. But before he kicked the can, he left this - Gnarly...

Christina Aguilera in Manchester

Christina Aguilera put on a show last night at Men Arena in Manchester. I’m loving the outfit, but she shoulda kept the hat on…

Paris Hilton Upskirt

After sitting through an entire Jay-Z concert in Las Vegas, Paris Hilton was given that stage to ‘lip-synch’ a few of her songs. By ‘lip-synch’ of course, I mean ‘puke all over the stage after drinking straight vodka for hours’.

Sharon Stone’s Darker Side Exposed!

God she's got the greatest nips. I knew the pokies would be up here this morning. She's incredible.