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May 2007

Ghost Son

Really poor movie by ex horror master and Italian filmmaker Lamberto Bava. A pity and a shame for all of us Italian horror fans.(IT>ENG by Google)

New single for The The!

Great singer Matt Johnson make a brilliant return on the musical scene with a new single, available on his website for a free 1 minute long listening! (IT>ENG by Google)

April 2007

An avalanche of horror books...

Here are 5 new interesting books regarding horror and border zones alike, by Italian, French, Scandinavian and American writers! Translated in English by Google.

Calvaire (aka The Ordeal)

Great survivalist-horror from Belgium with gifted and talented movie-maker Fabrice Du Welz who shoots a desperate descent into the nightmare of the human minds

World War Z(ombie)

Really big surprise near the end of 2006, this oral history of the world war against the living dead is easily one of the best horror books in years!

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre Remake.

Negative review for a very inept attempt at remaking a classic.

Hellboy:Strange Places

Strange and lovecraftian as usual, one of the best volume of Mike Mignola's creation.

The Abandoned (2006)

Strange and morbid ghost story shot by spanish moviemaker Nacho Cerdà

Kurt Vonnegut dies at 84

Kurt Vonnegut died yesterday. So long Mr Kilgore Trout...

The reaping (2007)

Negative review for this boring horror movie starring Hilary Swank

March 2007

Omen 666

Review of the Omen remake, inferior to the original but with some pretty and chilly visuals in it. IT>ENG by Google

Death's alphabet!

One picture of death for every single word of the alphabet, by talented artist Edward Gorey,check it out!

Dead Silence (2007)

by 1 other
Mixed review for this movie with one of the creepiest doll i've ever seen. By the creators of the original SAW.

Grinderman and Apostle of Hustle

Review about the latest works of these bands and some others...


All you really got to know about the new movie by Tarantino and Rodriguez, even what kind of cars were used in the shots! Check it out!

The Return (2006)

Boring flick with so and so Sarah Michelle Gellar who comes to terms with ghosts from her youth. IT>ENG by google

GHOST RIDER rides no more!

Negative review for this crap movie blessed by the sexy presence of Eva Mendes and comical sketches by Nicolas Cage.

Dario Argento's new movie: The Third Mother

Everything you have to know about the third episode in the Maters storyline, after Suspiria and Inferno. Be prepared for Mater Lachrymarum!IT>ENG by google

Cthulhu is a hashish junkie!

Finally the proofs that the elder, lovecraftian deity Cthulhu is only a worthless junkie lost in drugs and alcohol. Look at the photos and laugh or cry! IT>ENG by google

A mess of an Hitcher

Awful, totally awful remake of the cult classic The Hitcher. Negative review for this poor mess of a film.With Sean Bean instead than Rutger Hauer. IT>ENG by google

Alia number 4

Fourth year of life for the Alia project, a collection of short stories (sf, fantasy, horror) from UK, USA, Australia, Japan and Italy.IT>ENG by google

Hills Have Eyes 2

Second part of the special article about the sequel of Hills have eyes, now the spotlight is on Wes Craven and the monster-makers of KNB SFX.IT>ENG by google

We used to vacation

Best lyrics ever regarding alcoholism. By Cold War Kids. Check it out.

Eight haunted houses!

A brief overview of all the eight movies in the Amityville Horror saga, most of them worthless crap but some worth viewing.IT>ENG by google


Interesting news on an imminent radio broadcast featuring many famous writers that will read some lovecraftian stories, check it out link at end of page!IT>ENG by google

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