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Super Bowl XLVI Picks: Crowd vs Experts

Using voice analysis to pick the winner of the Super Bowl.


List of Tower Defense Games

The top tower defense game made $100,000 last year. (DTD) There is a good reason for it. These games are mildly addicting.


Game Review Blog reviews online rpg, strategy, mmo, flash and other games.


Alexa Street - Online Stockmarket Game

Alexa Street is a stock market game where you buy and sell website stock in anticipation of Alexa rankings.

Alchemy Strategy Guide

Alchemy is an online puzzle game where you place like colored/symboled runes together. The object is to place a rune on each square of the board to clear the level. This strategy guide details a few sound strategies you can use to snag a high score.

How to Sell Website Adspace Over the Phone

Webmasters of well-trafficked sites are flooded daily with emails from users, advertisers, hosting companies and the like. It can be extremely difficult–if not virtually impossible–to break through the inbox clutter and connect with a prospective sponsor for your own site.

Expanding Your Empire

You have a small blog and are starting to gain recognition. Your advertising budget has grown to $100 per month and you have a $1,000 set aside for development.

Adsense Ethics: High Paying Keywords

There are numerous lists out there displaying some of the highest paying Adsense terms. Many bloggers will develop entire blogs or entries that are optimized based on these lists.

Instantly Monetize New Content

Selling perpublished contextual ads is an excellent way to increase cash flow while adding value to the end user rather than saturating your blog with unrelevant ads.

Chess Openings Blog

Resources to help you take your chess game to the next level.

Squidoo - Filtering Service was registered in June of 05' by Red Maxwell. I believe Squidoo would most appropriately be categorized as a filtering service although it has potential to become much more.

Cheap Billboard Advertising Ideas

Looking to advertise your local or regional business, then billboard advertising can help. Billboard advertising has been around since the first half of the 20th century.

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