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28 August 2005

Paltalk Help Desk

A help desk forum for those who use "Paltalk". Here you can relax and take your time and get anwsers to questions that you may not be able to recieve using the Group Paltalk Lobby 1 or other Helps on Paltalk. This is a Unofficial Forum created only to help "Paltalk" achieve the merit it deserves as being the best chat system on the Internet.

15 August 2005

Home - MozillaZine Forums

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Scrolling down to "Development" you will find all the "Third Party/Unofficial Builds on MozillaZine, it is here that you can get the fastest customized Firefox builds. So check this out you browser lovers!

WCWN Forums: Viewing list of forums

A wine tasting forum and things pertaining to the subject of wine's.

09 August 2005

English Language Forum (ESL) - powered by vBulletin

Very useful website for writers, editors, learning different languages from members. Check this site out it will become one of your bookmarks for sure!

RhymeZone rhyming dictionary and thesaurus

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Insert any word to search for a word that rhyme's with it and use the drop down menu for other modes concerning the word your using.

07 August 2005

The Boycotting Atrium

It is here that we make available to the public Corporations that have dealt unfairly with their employee's. And we expose them by you posting your stories of what happened. You are part of a membership of Americans as well as some foreigners that have encountered such manipulative abuse's of their employment benefits. Join us today, share your story for others who may feel they have no voice or power to do anything about their current situation.

Boycotting PUBLIX

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A short message discussion with a link to a full forum to discuss and reply to the above topic.About Corporate business ethics that leave the employee's ripped off according to their policies. Have a read and join in!

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