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25 May 2005

24 May 2005

So Where You Bin

A forum for those family members who have either gone off and gotten lost or just forgot about their family members altogether. A place of reconciliation where we all help one another to mend those idiotic grudges that have seperated family members from each other for the last upteen years. Get on and help us reach all those lost one's and bring them back into the fold...your fold...your families fold....just get on already and you'll see what were about.

23 May 2005

Grand Central Station Main Concourse

Very good discussion forum, it'll take you back and at the same time move you forward...go there!

20 May 2005

07 May 2005

Community type forum board for everybody. Family as well friends speak those thoughts, we deal with addictions to adultergardin (thats secret) Actually the main reason for the forum is I AM A FORUM NUT/CAN'T STOP PLAYING WITH THEM...I DREAM OF THEM....THERE MAKING ME GO CRazy.....

06 May 2005

Simple Machine Forums= "SMF"

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One of the stealthiest forums and for free. You provide the host, paid or free (Lycos, Bizari for starters). You will have to go onsite to see how quick the forums work, really worth a click.


Scroll down to the bottom and ask "JANUS".

Jeber's Help Desk Forum

An informative forum as the title indicates, a help desk for all, friends of Jeber and those who have not made his aquaintance yet.Go and see this one. Very quick operating forum...better get on it now!

05 May 2005 The Ultimate Resource for Webmasters

Free message boards for your websites, nothing elaborate here, but a very simple way of putting a simple message board on your existing webpage. Plus they offer many other commercial as well public programs to buy or share. For truly custom solutions, Pliner Solutions can build, host, and market your web site. We also offer software development and consulting services. Please visit our web site. The Wills Eye Hospital: Pliner Solutions provides the Wills Eye Hospital and the Wills Eye Surgical Network with IT consulting services.

01 May 2005


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BBR is DSL · Cable · VOIP · Security · Satellite · Fiber · News · Tips · Reviews · Community ·

30 April 2005

Jammit Forums

Discriptive forum on all subjects, ranging from criminal, grief, memorials, faith, God, hope, divorces, custody, humor, wisdom's, personal editorials from members, US&WORLD News as told by friends and of course the networks, lot's of discussions, sharing and building real friendships, carrying each others burdens, shoulders and ears for compassionate understanding of terrible situations that life hands out, come and join in, be of help to someone, you might just save a life.

29 April 2005

Links (GarrisonJazz)



Computer Technologies, Operating Systems, Hardware, Software, Fix's, Solutions, Music, Problematic, Websites, Forums, Injustices, Crime, Domestic, Civil, Humanities, Bail Ram, Crematory

24 April 2005

Greatest Lead Riffs Now and Past (All strings, electric, acoustic)

Everyone knows of the "BOYS": Eric Johnson, Vassar Clements (violinist), Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, John McLaughlin, Al Di Meola, Steve Morse, Pat Metheny, Paco De Lucia, Sara McLaughlin, Carlos Santana, Jimmy Hendrix, Frank Zappa, Jimmy Page, Stevie Ray Vaughan and the many that would certainly fill this page and then some. Simply most know of the G3 tht compiled cd that had some of the best "Riffs" by the Master's. Lets put our heads together and start posting some of the more harder finds by these Artists and other's like Neil Schon, Jeff Beck, the basist's Stanley Clarke, Marcus Miller. There are far more than what is commonly found on just a simple search so help out here, were all contributing to this.

22 April 2005

502 Command is locally disabled

Just an ongoing solution using PocoMail for bellsouth as well other IP's. Referrence's on incoming and outgoing server type authentications. Using a Login with password and username on the outgoing server while accessing the IP will subject the user to a error: 502 Command is locally disabled. Fix is to let the wizard set up the first account using your main IP connection and not re-editing the ini and account file in your PocoMail folder to authenticate the outgoing server to a "Login" with username and password. Should be set to "Plain" without any username or password, just the outgoing server which is>

New Improved UncleJohnnieBoy's Homepage

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The Last Round Up We are approaching a time that catches us all by surprise. In the yrs ahead some of us will witness events unparalled in our lifetime. It is this reason that I have prepared this website for such a time as this. Always check the message board for new links and posts.

15 April 2005


Discussion board about the travesties of life that we live through and the trials associated with just living day to day. Intense forum for those who need a outlet to be heard as well need some feedback to their ongoing struggle's.

31 March 2005


Opinions from a man who has some interesting views about where we are headed in the not to distant future and what happens to us all after leaving this body of death.

Inside this Body of Death

Analagies of the make up of every human-being. Where, what, how, when. Future predictions of where we are at present and where we will be in the future for eternity.

NoLogo fences and windows

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A few months ago, while riffling through my column clippings searching for a lost statistic, I noticed a couple of recurring themes and images. The first was the fence. The image came up again and again: barriers separating people from previously public resources, locking them away from much needed land and water, restricting their ability to move across borders, to express political dissent, to demonstrate on public streets, even keeping politicians from enacting policies that make sense for the people who elected them. by Naomi Klein And a host of other injustice's throughout the World.

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