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24 March 2005


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LEGO géants

23 March 2005

Stefan Landsberger's Chinese Propaganda Poster Pages

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This site is dedicated to the Chinese propaganda poster as it has been produced from 1949 till the present day.

Cinema India - Posters - Crisis in India

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A new graphic style also emerged. Bold exaggerated brush stokes created dynamic and expressive images which suited the high emotional intensity of these films.

X-RATED Collection

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Adult movie posters of the 60s and 70s

The Museum of Anti-Alcohol Posters

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Anti-alcohol posters from soviet propaganda era

Color Fields Colr Pickr

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outil pour trouver des textures, des matières, des photos sur flickr à partir du spectre des couleurs


Equipe de foot féminine ... finalement c'est pas si mal que ca le foot

22 March 2005

Le forum des droits sur l'Internet

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Espace d'information et de débat sur les questions juridiques liées à l'internet et aux technologies de l'information : actualités, législation, usages sur le droit des marques et de la propriété intellectuelle, la liberté d'expression, la vie privée, la corégulation de l'internet ...


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Portfolio du photographe Peter Funch

21 March 2005 API

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"We're proud to announce the first release of our API. It's an implementation of the Atom API so i'ts pure HTTP + XML. In fact, Building an Atom enabled linkblog service was the first motivation in the project."


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personnaliser des photos avec son propre texte sur les panneaux, murs, ...

Greasemonkey script: Google Suggest

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"Here's a Greasemonkey script I just cooked up. It makes the dynamic drop-down from Google Suggest a bona fide part of Google, placing it on the Google home page and on search-result pages."

20 March 2005

Free DPI

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Photos libres de droits.

Tofz dot org

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Photos urbaines sous licence art libre.

18 March 2005

Positive Negative

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Frank Kolodziej, San Francisco, États-Unis.

17 March 2005

Image * After

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non polished free images and free textures free for commercial and personal use

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