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Copy music and video from zune to zune 2

by bryantsinger
Article about how to transfer videos and songs from zune to zune 2 with easy steps.

Hide-a-Pod iPod protection

by maxxyme
The ultimate iPod* (and iPhone*) Anti-Theft Device... Hide it in a Zune*!

How to rip DVD and put DVD on Zune

by hjshare (via)
This document will show you how to rip DVD movie to Zune video format and the easy way to put DVD on Zune. After these jobs, you can watch the DVD movie on the Zune. Here we recommend a dvd to zune tool, called dvdxsoft DVD to Zune Converter from . This tool will help you rip dvd movie to Zune format files quite easily! How to rip DVD to Zune Video Format through dvdxsoft DVD to Zune Converter? 1. Download the fastest DVD to Zune Ripper software dvdxsoft DVD to Zune Converter from , and install this software. 2. Insert any DVD disc into your DVD-ROM and launch dvdxsoft DVD to Zune Converter. Click "Open" button button to load DVD and show chapters in list box. The concise interface is as follows: 3. Select chapters, audio, subtitles from listbox you want to convert. 4. Click "Output folder" button to select an output path, or you can use the default path:, select output format and resolution. 5. Click "Convert button" to Start convert and rip DVD format to Zune video 6. When Converting is finished, you can directly put the converted video to your Zune. Just enjoy your favorite DVD movie on your Zune.

MP3 Player: iPod | Zune | MP3 Player Accessories

by Andyg & 3 others (via)
You want Ipod or Zune or anything of mp3, bookmark this site, it has it all!!

Pink Zune is comming

by Robertruth & 1 other
All your dreams, My Little Pony Fans, have come to fruition. What better way to prove that you and Butterscotch really like your tunes than with a fancy pink Zune for $249 from EB Games. ClicZune dug up the news by apparently visiting the EB Games site, which is definitely a sly bit of newsgathering, and discovered the Pink Zune should drop on May 1, 2007.

Zune Phone is Here!

by zuneuser
I've been reading a lot about the possibility of MS releasing a Zune Phone. God I hope not. First of all, don't get me wrong, I love my Zune. However I've been defending MS by saying they never intended to make an "Ipod Killer", and simply wanted to quietly enter the mp3 market, and have another device to support their "digital lifestyle". Making a Zune phone after the recent iPhone announcement would just be pathetic IMO.

PSP goes gold

by Cadilicsp
The hugely popular PlayStation Portable (PSP) handheld game device is now available in champagne gold, giving users a total of six choices of colour to choose from. The other colours are black, white, silver, blue and pink. The champagne gold version retails for Yen 20,790 (RM593) in Japan. Also, note that Play-Asia only stocks the Japanese version.

L'étonnant parallèle entre Frankenstein et les DRM - Standblog

by kooolman (via)
"Aujourd'hui, c'est plus compliqué d'acheter de la musique que de la pirater." Ca c'est de la phrase ! Et ça résume tellement bien le problème des DRM.


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