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hostel in berlin

by captacionalumnos
Es para un trabajo de una asignatura. No echar cuenta. saludos

Silent Rage

by mgfx1975
Michael was born, unlike most normal babies, with spinal bifida – the protrusion of the spinal membranes due to a defective closure of the bony encasement of the spinal cord, which is a developmental abnormality. Because of this physical condition, he could not crawl and had to be carried around until he was old enough to be put into a wheelchair. Though physically disabled, he has strong determination and is a mentally active boy. He was able to enjoy normal primary education and subsequently, he went on to complete his GCE ‘O’ Level. After his ‘O’ Level, Michael started work as a purchaser in an electronics company. During these years, he lived with the motto of developing within himself :- ‘A heart of love, An attitude of humility, A lifestyle of integrity.’ Shortly after his ‘O’s, he went on to further his studies and earned a Degree in Applied Psychology in 1998. Despite his disability he realized that to get what he wants in life he had only himself to rely on. With determination to change his mindset, he was then able to design his very own personal success plan and make use of his own unlimited potential in spite of his disablement. He also developed more courage from within himself to face challenges with greater confidence. After his graduation, he founded a company to conduct attitude development programs for youth. He was invited to speak in various schools and regularly meet up with about 100 youth that took part in the various programs he conduct. He has received very keen feedback from his classes of youth aged between 10 to 19 years old and was featured in a MediaCorp documentary ‘Heart of Gold’ in 2004. Through his interaction with the youth, he developed within himself the vision of facilitating a million youths to their fullest potential in his lifetime. In order to fulfill this vision, he volunteered his time with various youth voluntary welfare organizations like St John, AWWA, CHCSA and etc. Through it he has communicated his pet topic of “Attitude is Everything!” with fervor and with a sincere desire of wanting to touch peoples life in anyway he can. With a burden to help youths to fulfill their fullest potential, he look forward to bring a message that is dynamic and life-changing.


World Cup a major attraction on the web for Britons

by bluexmass
These findings illustrate the way in which media consumption is becoming increasingly multi-modal, with the PC and mobile phone playing a key role for many consumers. First I can be in the movies and then I can be in real life

by markpasc
"Even then -- before reality television and web cams and even cameras -- it was a national characteristic, and you had to cease to be American to be great, or authentic."


DHEA for Antiaging

by stephensmith
Live to 150? Increase libido? Have a sleek, sexy body no matter your age? DHEA may be able to do all these things and more. This is the most comprehensive informational site on this "fountain of youth in a pill."

by rudydw
About digital lifestyle trends, mobile media and the continual merging of electronic devices. But also M for mososo, music, multilingual, multicultural and sometimes something about myself.


by rudydw
Mobile Media Communications - RandomOne creates easy-to-use mobile messaging concepts and integrates the applications needed to enable every mobile user to interact with any media, anytime.

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