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OAI2 to HTML XSLT Style Sheet

by parmentierf (via)
An XSLT file which converts OAI-PMH to XHTML has been developed as part of the EPrints project. This may be useful to OAI implementers not using the EPrints software.

OAI 2.0 Request Results

by parmentierf
You are viewing an HTML version of the XML OAI response.


xslt.js version 3.0 released XML XSLT now with jQuery plugin

by nhoizey
xslt.js is a tiny JavaScript library to transform XML with XSL. Essentially, it’s a JavaScript wrapper around the browser’s XSLT API. The version 3.0 now includes a jQuery plugin

XML Developer Toolbar :: Modules pour Firefox

by parmentierf
Finally, a toolbar modeled after Chris Pederick's WebDeveloper toolbar, that allows XML Developer's use of standard tools all from your browser! Features include: -Schema Generation -DTD Generation -Schema Validation -XML -> Schema Validation -Style Manipulation -XSL Transformations on-the-fly -DOM Inspector incorporated views -Document statistics for future Semantic Web purposes -SOA Module (coming soon) -Lame scratch pad that does...nothing really useful :p


MicroModels - ESW Wiki |

by simon_bricolo
Liste de fichiers xsl pour faire des transformations sur des microformats

L'altruiste : XSL

by kloh & 1 other
Le langage XSL

tsWebEditor - open source editor for HTML/XHTML, PHP, JavaScript, CSS, ASP, XML

by jdrsantos
tsWebEditor will improve your daily work with (X)HTML, CSS, JavaScript, XML, XSL, PHP, ASP and surely other languages.

TopXML : XSLT reference

by parmentierf
XSLT Reference Simple à utiliser

Ignorer casse et diacritique avec XSLT 1.0

by chantal (via)
Est-il possible avec XPath et XSLT 1.0 d'ignorer la casse (c'est à dire le fait qu'un caractère soit en majuscules ou en minuscules) et les diacritiques (c'est çà dire les accents) et de considérer par exemple que "Modéré" est égal à "modere" ?

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