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spike21 : XF : Inca Gold : fic

by Olivia
Krycek/Mulder. Surreal, OOC crack. Kink : desperation, pissing, etc. Flawed, but lovable.

spike21 : XF : Learning To Love The Hawk - Part II - Gone One Knows Not Where - 2/X : fic

by Olivia
Krycek/omcs. Second part of an unfinished WIP. Bad and good, in equal measure. Vivid and visceral. I really like it.

spike21 : XF : Learning To Love The Hawk - Part I - Through The Red Doors 1/X : fic

by Olivia
Krycek/omcs. Flawed, but enjoyable. This is the kind of fanfiction I "grew up" on -- strange and personal, with roots in female erotica (as opposed to visual male pornography.) Wincingly bad in some parts, stunningly beautiful in others. Unfinished WIP

thandie : XF : Big Man with a Gun : vid

by Olivia
ah.. sweet sublimation. not technically polished, but I can't resist a Krycek montage with guns and shooting and slick black polymer and steel and omg.

Audrey Lemon : XF/TLB : untitled : fic

by Olivia
Krycek/Michael. I'm sorry. This is pretty bad, but I can't help loving it. It makes me :). I think it's a requisite in every Krycek fic that he say at some point, "I am going to fuck you now." *laff* no, seriously, i do love this. crack warning.

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