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28 August 2008 07:00

Managing Xen using the xm Command-line Tool - Techotopia

by camel
In previous chapters we have covered the steps necessary to install and configure Xen and Xen based guest operating systems. This chapter is dedicated to explaining the xm tool, and how it can be used to manage guest operating systems from the command-line. If you prefer to use the graphical virt-manager tool to administer your Xen configuration see Managing and Monitoring Fedora based Xen Guest Systems. Contents * 1 xm Command-line vs xm Shell * 2 Listing Guest System Status * 3 Starting a Xen Guest System * 4 Connecting to a Running Xen Guest System * 5 Shutting Down a Guest System * 6 Pausing and Resuming a Guest System * 7 Suspending and Resuming a Guest OS * 8 Saving and Restoring Xen Guest Systems * 9 Rebooting a Guest System * 10 Configuring the Memory Assigned to a Xen Guest OS * 11 Migrating a Domain to a Different Host

27 August 2008 12:00

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