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HA Xen Cluster with DRBD, LVM and heartbeat

by camel
We have implemented a 2-node HA Xen cluster, which consists of two physical machines (hosts,) and runs several virtual servers (guests) each, for our company's internal services (mail, web applications, development, etc.) When one host gets down unexpectedly, the other host physically kills it (STONITH - power down or reset) and then takes over all the guests the failed host was running. When we want to shutdown a host machine for maintenance (to replace a fan, add disk or memory, etc.), we just type the usual shutdown command, and the guests are automatically live-migrated to the other host. Since the guest servers keep running throughout the migration process, except for the less than a second pause, users would never even notice the event.

Xen Virtualization: Work with MySQL Server, Ruby on Rails, and Subversion

by camel (via)
In this article, Prabhakar Chaganti will show us to create virtual appliances that perform one specific function. These appliances can be web servers, database servers or anything else that you can think of which is useful for your business. The key advantage with these appliances is the fact that they are mostly maintenance free, and can be started up and then used without going through any lengthy installation process. You can use these as needed for your testing and then dispose them off. You can also use them for staging environments or production environments, and you can even share them across the enterprise.

October 2006

GPLHost:>_ Open source hosting worldwide _ Web spaces featuring GPL control panel

by camel
dtc-xen: brings a full Xen control panel to your Xen server by connecting a DTC panel to it

Enomalism : XEN Virtualized Server Management Console: Home

by camel (via)
The Enomalism Virtualized Management Console (VMC) is a powerful web-based systems administrator management tool for the XEN hypervisor. Geared toward hosted environments, Enomalism provides an easy to use interface to provision hundreds of concurrent isolated Virtual Private Servers (VPS). Multiple physical servers can be managed as a single server using a specialized tool set which include a centralized user provisioning system, virtualized server creation wizard and templates which facilitate virtual server configuration, application deployment mechanism, and integration into 3rd party applications via web services API as well as centralized software patch management.

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