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Xen shell commands

by camel (via)
Some more or less commonly used shell commands for managing Xen Virtual Machines (VM, also called Domains). Tested on Xen 3.0, should work also in other versions.

Creating a local Debian mirror for your Xen servers - Shell Script (Bash) - xen, debian, etch, local mirror, amd64, anonftpsync, nginx

by camel
Once you’ve bought a dual or quad Xeon and started to experiment with virtualization you will soon want to create your local mirror to make installs lightning fast. This is a step-by-step how i did it.

2006 - The Site for Xen automation

by camel
Xen Software xen-shell is a simple console shell for a hosting company to allow customers to control their own Xen instance. xen-tools is a collection of software which allow you to create new guest domains. Argo is a work-in-progress Xen monitor and control panel.

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