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July 2010

August 2009

Linux: Xen

by elaviar
Cet article est une présentation "rapide" de Xen. Il va nous permettre : * D'expliquer ce qu'est Xen ? * De définir le vocabulaire Xen. * D'indiquer quelques points fondamentaux sur les possibilités de Xen. * Ensuite, nous vous indiquerons un cheminement logique et progressif vers les autres articles Xen de ce site. * Pour terminer, quelques notes de versions. Bien entendu, tout cela dans un contexte Fedora.

March 2009

December 2008

Creating snapshots in Xen with Linux commands

by camel
A virtual machine snapshot is a great feature, freezing the current state of a virtual machine. Unfortunately, open source Xen doesn't offer support for snapshots -- but Linux does. Since open source Xen always uses Linux as its privileged domain, you can use Linux commands to create snapshots.

November 2008

Xen shell commands

by camel (via)
Some more or less commonly used shell commands for managing Xen Virtual Machines (VM, also called Domains). Tested on Xen 3.0, should work also in other versions.

Install and setup Xen on Debian 4.0 Etch — Lone-Wolf Scripts

by camel (via)
Xen is a GPLed virtualization solution available in Debian 4.0 Etch repositories. This article help you to create a coherent Xen installation, with backups and minimum security enhancements. This guide fits my vision of a Xen setup. If it does not fit yours, you are free to adapt it to your needs, or to not use it. For information In this guide, i use the term "virtual host". Be aware that Xen use its own terminology. In a Xen setup, instanciated (aka. started) virtual hosts are called "Domains". Once your computer configured for Xen, all the operating systems run in "domains". The original operating system, where the Xen's control tools are installed, is called "dom0" (for domain No zero). All the guest operating systems are said to be installed in a "domU" (for User domain). As i'm a little lazy (well, yeah... very lazy), i don't want to endure this mind twisting, and i will mainly use the "virtual host" term in this guide. So, if you read this guide, don't by angry at me because of the terms i use.

Xen Backup Image — Rogerio Ferreira

by camel (via)
# Performing remote backups of VMs created with xen-create-image tool (xen-tools). # Use rdiff-backup as backend.

xen:live-migration_infrastructure [docs]

by camel
In order to be able to do a live migration of a Xen guest from one cluster member to another, some sort of shared storage is required. As the Xen guest won’t run on more than one cluster member at a time, a cluster filesystem is not required. That is, as long as you configure Xen to access the Xen guest by a physical device, not a file.

October 2008

Xen Backup Script - Wiki

by camel (via)
If you're using LVM based storage for your domains this script will create a snapshot and backup each server to a local drive or a remote system using rdiff-backup.

Xen Networking - Wiki

by camel
This guide shows the types of networks Xen can be used on, or to set-up. It uses default configurations of xen, in their most simplest form. Firewalls and security is not discussed here. Feel free to email the author comments at: sburke[at] Xen is used from Debian, and the following setup should be the same for Ubuntu and all other setups of Xen 3.

Funky Routing - OptionC

by camel
This has been tested on Xen 2.0.7-1 with Shorewall 3.0.3-1. This Howto presupposes you already have a base Xen install. If not, and you are unfamiliar with Xen, then you probably want to start with the Xen_Debian_Quick_Start. If you do have such a system and you used the default, networking should be running relatively seemlessly. These configurations are only if you want to switch to routed networking (and have a bit more control). There is nothing particularly funky about them, but I haven't had a chance to change it, and that was the first thing that came off of my fingers when I created this page


by kuruzman & 1 other
virt-p2v is an experimental live CD for migrating physical machines to virtual machine guests.

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