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Home | diesel

by jdrsantos
The performance of nonblocking I/O meets the convenience of coroutines. Packed with a bunch of useful protocols and a first-class toolkit for concurrency, diesel is the best way to write network applications in Python.


Easy Python hosting -

by ghis (via)
This is, the hosted WSGI hosting and deployment solution. We take your Django, Flask, Pylons or other WSGI code, run all the annoying hosting parts for you, and make sure everything's redundant and backed up.


Python Package Index : silk-deployment

by marco
A Fabric-based tool for deploying WSGI apps on an Ubuntu/Nginx/Supervisord/Gunicorn stack.

Green Unicorn

by marco
Green Unicorn (gunicorn) is an HTTP/WSGI Server for UNIX designed to serve fast clients and nothing else. This is a port of Unicorn in Python.

Bottle: Python Web Framework - Bottle: Python Web Framework

by ghis
Bottle is a fast and simple WSGI web-framework for Python packed into a single file with no external dependencies.

La licorne verte

by marco
Pour faire bref, c’est le projet unicorn porté en python, pour servir vos webapps favorites, écrites dans votre framework favoris (paste, django, pylons …)


Let's talk about WSGI

by marco
HTTP is hard, let's go shopping!

Snakes on the Web

by marco
There's a huge opportunity for Python to be the backend language of choice for HTML 5 web applications.

Tornado Web Server Documentation

by greut

Tornado comes with limited support for WSGI. However, since WSGI does not support non-blocking requests, you cannot use any of the asynchronous/non-blocking features of Tornado in your application if you choose to use WSGI instead of Tornado's HTTP server. Some of the features that are not available in WSGI applications: @tornado.web.asynchronous, the httpclient module, and the auth module.

in other words: WSGI sucks


by greut

Smisk is a simple, high-performance and scalable web service framework written in C, but controlled by Python. Smisk is currently used in production by Spotify and Livebloggen.

Can work on WSGI application, thanks Spotify!

evserver - Google Code

by greut

EvServer is a lightweight http server, created especially to host python WSGI applications. Additionally, it supports little known Asynchronous WSGI extension, which was suggested by Christopher Stawarz. Using this extension it's possible to create an output html response in many data chunks, without blocking the main server process while your application waits for external resources.

Comet the WSGI way.

Spawning Django - Die in a Fire - Eric Florenzano’s Blog

by greut

On my Apache mod_wsgi setup, I got 235.65 requests per second. That was really good, I thought! However, with the Spawning setup, I got 347.20 requests per second.

another way of deploying WSGI apps with graceful code reloading.

Werkzeug 0.4.1 released! » Armin Ronacher

by greut

Werkzeug, the swiss army knife for Python web developers.

the WSGI anti-framework



selector - WSGI Delegation

by pvergain & 1 other (via)
This distribution provides WSGI middleware for "RESTful" mapping of URL paths to WSGI applications. Selector now also comes with components for environ based dispatch and on-the-fly middleware composition. There is a very simple optional mini-language for path expressions. Alternately we can easily use regular expressions directly or even create our own mini-language. There is a simple "mapping file" format that can be used. There are no architecture specific features (to MVC or whatever). Neither are there any framework specific features. Best of all, selector is the simplest thing that will work well (IMHO).


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