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22 November 2008 01:15

The Official Netflix Blog: Encoding for streaming

by night.kame

This venture is doomed to fail! WMV? Silverlight? Are you kidding? Isn't it about time for Netflix to grow up?

NBC was paid by Microsoft to use this technology for the '08 Olympics - NBC abandoned the technology as soon as Olympics were over. MLB used Silverlight for the same reason - Microsoft subsidized the project. Did you read the news last week? MLB is abandoning Silverlight for 2009 season in favor of Flash.

Netflix is marrying itself to yet another also-ran technology from Microsoft. This should be a fun train wreck to watch!

C'est le film qu'on attend tous sur Netflix : "Le Silverlight infernal". Si ├ža pouvait nous emporter un Icaza au passage, ce ne serait pas plus mal.

18 March 2007 03:00

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