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Why World of Warcraft is My Most Hated Hame of All Time… and Yet I Love It

by tyteu
I hate it for the fact it can bring me back for more, at the expense of all other MMOs, and I hate it for the fact that it’s not what I originally remember in the beginning.

Wow : WARCRAFT bloqué en Chine

by moby
Retour sur une affaire qui remonte à quelques années et qui concerne Wow en 2009 (article dont nous n’avons plus la source). Invoquant la présence indésirable dans le jeu d’os et de squelettes, Beijing continue à bloquer le lancement de Wrath of the Lich King sur le territoire. Une règle à laquelle Blizzard n’est pas le seul à devoir se plier, mais le studio ne baisse pas les bras. Selon le site JLM Pacific Epoch, lequel cite les sources du portail d’informations, deux demandes formulées par The9, opérateur du jeu sur le territoire, auraient déjà été rejetées par le gouvernement chinois.



World of Warcraft Witze

by MarieS
Bei Witzjagd findest Du die besten World of Warcraft Witze. Heute schon mal gelacht? Wenn nicht dann schau doch mal vorbei!


World of Warcraft / The Burning Crusade

by access2
World of Warcraft is a very popular MMORPG and the Burning Crusade is their first expansion module. This page contains links to the Blizzard Entertainment FAQ pages in Europe (The U.S. pages are generally bogged down by excessive traffic. ) It has recieved a lot of traffic, but absolutely NO sales, so there will be no Wrath of the Lich King "lens" from me.


World of Warcraft Blog

by trixstr
Lots of information about World of Warcraft, Burning Crusade, Lich King, videos, instructions, guides, Gold getting ways.


The Cleaning Ladies of Dun Morogh

by awylfing
Audrey Wylfing kills her first Rockjaw Trogg in World of Warcraft and wonders who cleans up the corpses. Perhaps the Polish Cleaning Ladies are enjoying the good life in the background to this entertaining game

World of warcraft, le film!

by benc (via)
Blizzard confirme la production du film World of warcraft...

Your in need of Gold, then this guide, is all you need.

by freckless & 3 others
It tells you all the secrets you need to know, to make a lot of gold. And it\'s completely legal Also contains Burning Crusade Secrets!!!!

Cash Creating Guide for World of Warcraft

by freckless & 4 others
Dear World of Warcraft Gamer, if you\'re sick and tired of running around totally broke while other players get epic mounts and the most expensive gear, this information is for you.

Keep me playing World of Warcraft

by dyingdreams
A story of an unfortunate World of Warcraft player who has had some quite unfortunate setbacks, and is now holding on to this beloved game by a mere thread.


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