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All Time Favorite Brazil

by SohelHira
History tells that Brazil is the only one country, which is all time favorite among all the football teams. It is easy to judge if we look on some statistics of Brazil world cup mission.


We are flying high!

by Hemanshu
(R to L) Canada's Maelle Ricker, Bulgaria's Alexandra Jekova, Switzerland's Olivia Nobs and Austria's Manuela Riegler compete in the women's Snowboard-Cross FIS World Cup Grand Finals 2008 in Chiesa Valmalenco March 13, 2008. Canada's Ricker won the Snowboard-Cross 2008 trophy. REUTERS/Max Rossi (ITALY)


Café des Sports - Rugby 2007

by ronez
Une émission pour refaire les matchs en toute mauvaise foi.

51 "need to know" on Caribbean Cricket World Cup.

by Binit (via)
My 3 days of work to summerise all Cricket WC informations in one. 47 day tournament starts 13th of March. Hope to benefit the needfuls.

Cricket score , Cricket News and World Cup schedule and events

by nicky123 (via)
This is a great site that is having all relevant information of cricket stuff like cricket news here you can see cricket score , cricket podcast and all cricket related stuff.


Zidane Heads World Cup Crown into Italy's Hands

by SirSmitts
An article about Zinedine Zidane's disastrous meltdown for France in the World Cup 2006 final

Hypnotic Business » Blog Archive » Why England’s Penalty Takers Were Never Going To Score: Their Body Language

by adameason
As England's football team exit the World Cup, what did the body language of their players tell you when they stepped up to take their penalty kicks? Read this article to find out how body language can tell you and how you can use that information to send powerful messages about yourself.


by kursk

Follow the World Cup with MindManager

by goconnell
If you're following the World Cup, Mindjet provides you with the best map to keep up with all the action!

The Grand Old Lady Of Fontebelle

by Hilda Agard
A Blog about life and lifestyles in Barbados.

ASCII World Cup 2006

by _Oni_ & 6 others
The FOOTBALL WORLD CUP '06 - LIVE in ASCII via Telnet!

World cup soccer 2006 -

by indchris
World cup soccer 2006, everything about world cup 2006, news, tournament reports, photos, group table, match schedule, ranking, top stories et al


by kursk

豬欄: [豬點新聞]足球是圓的,而且還越來越圓

by felixlaumon & 1 other
Quote: 今屆世界杯選用了Adidas的Teamgeist足球。而這個足球的表面只用了十四片物料縫製而成,而且還採用了無縫接合方法。亦即是說,這個足球比以往所用的足球圓了很多。

Jouer au foot dans les toilettes

by axel & 1 other
J'imagine le brainstorm de la société qui vend ce mini terrain de football très élégant que l'on place dans les urinoirs et que j'ai trouvé dans un bar assez select. Quelqu'un a dit que le foot sans la bière c'est du tennis...

Football Forums and Football News

by Joe268
Chat to other football fans from around the world. Free to join and with a free to enter competition for the World Cup

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