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March 2007

Sex Novelties

by lovejoy
If you are having a bachelorette party or just need some great sexy gag toys for you and your partner, this is no small collection of sex novelties.

G-Spot Vibrators & Stimulators

by lovejoy
Without question, the most important spot on a woman's body, with the exception of her brain. These g-spot sex toys come in a wonder choice of options.

Sex Toys for Women

by lovejoy
This is the sex toy shop for women. If ever there were a larger selection of adult toys for women, I have seen it.

February 2007

The 6 Greatest Quotes about Women

by BrokenBrake (via)
1. "Woman was God's second mistake" (Friedrich Nietzsche). 2. "Woman is an invitation to happiness" (Sharl Bodler). 3. "Whatever evil a man may think of women, there is no woman but thinks more (Nicolas de Chamfort). ...4, 5, 6 and discussion in the blog. Add your comment! :)

Primates Boycott Eucharist at Anglican Tanzania Summit

by YukihiroKawashi & 1 other
A small group of Anglican leaders has boycotted a Eucharist with other primates as the Anglican Communion reaches a vital period during its crunch meeting in Tanzania

Urbana 2006 Sends Out a 'Serious' Generation

by YukihiroKawashi
Urbana 2006 students packed their bags and traveled hours back to their homes on New Year's Day after closing out five intense conference ...

Special cafe with milk

by gozino
Hilarious videos I saw today on

January 2007

How To Strengthen Your Pelvic Floor Muscle In 3-6 Weeks

by Jaks
Pregnancy, childbirth and being overweight can weaken the Pelvic muscles leading to unpleasant side effects, the principle problem being incontinence.

Woman Made Gallery

by Mal Burns (via)
An extensive gallery of women's art based in Chicago.

Women's eNews: Links to Other Sites

by Mal Burns
A Useful directory for feminism and related. This points to the top level - dig down the list by area of interest,

December 2006

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