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13 April 2008 09:30

Whiz on Flappr

by Whiz (via)
Mapps of people and Whiz from Starsearchcasting, myspace and a few other sites! Yes, you will find Whiz here. Beware there are a few WANNA-BEEs wizing around as well.

24 March 2007 03:45

OFFICIAL WHIZ Community Web Site on OurStory!

by Whiz (via)
It is a WHIZ story blog. When I get time I'll be inputting some Official WHIZ stories. I will be updating it little by little with more Whiz stories. Excuse me gotta go take a wiz or shouldn't that be leave a wiz?.

OFFICIAL WHIZ Community Web Site - Talent Resume

by Whiz (via)
Need some WHIZ info? Don't have any OFFICIAL WHIZ info, but want some? Need an actor/Model for a movie, Prints, Indy or a Feature film - Whiz's Resume and Whiz's Profile can be found here!

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