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13 April 2008 09:30

Whiz on Flappr

by Whiz (via)
Mapps of people and Whiz from Starsearchcasting, myspace and a few other sites! Yes, you will find Whiz here. Beware there are a few WANNA-BEEs wizing around as well.

24 March 2007 03:45

OFFICIAL WHIZ Community Web Site on OurStory!

by Whiz (via)
It is a WHIZ story blog. When I get time I'll be inputting some Official WHIZ stories. I will be updating it little by little with more Whiz stories. Excuse me gotta go take a wiz or shouldn't that be leave a wiz?.

24 March 2007 03:30


by Whiz (via)
Yea, its weakipedia. NO one uses it. Mostly irrelevant info. But, they do have one OFFICIAL listing for "The WHIZ! Hey, the search engines are designed to give you the most relevant site according to the dollar amount not the site your searching for!

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