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Write Squidoo Lenses for Fun and Profit

by access2
It's easy to sign up with Squidoo. Just enter your name and e-mail, pick a Squidoo username and password, then verify that you are not a 'bot by copying a "security word" from the screen display. Takes about two minutes.


Ecommerce Web Hosting

by helloashok
This is a one of the frequently asked question of an amateur webmaster. You will need a web server to host your web site on the internet. Buying and maintaining a web server cost so much money and it requires someone who knows what they are doing to maintain the server and the web-site.

gAttacher~Gmailにオンラインストレージへのリンクを追加する~ - Malon,Inc

by chunmin

Clipmarks - Just the best parts of the page

by chunmin & 41 others
Save what you clip, post it on your blog, send it to your friends or share it with everyone on the Clipmarks site.

Scribd - Home

by chunmin & 48 others
Scribd is a free online library where anyone can upload. Use our embeddable PDF player to publish and view documents right in your web browser. Try it out!


by chunmin & 1 other
WebCite® is an archiving system for webreferences (cited webpages and websites), which can be used by authors, editors, and publishers of scholarly papers and books, to ensure that cited webmaterial will remain available to readers in the future.


by chunmin & 10 others
To create your personal wiki enter a site. id and a password then click 'create wiki'



by chunmin & 26 others
Desktoptwo is a free web-based desktop or webtop (some call it a WebOS, although we feel that's a bit premature... for now) that mimics the look, feel and functionality of a local computer, all contained within one browser window and fully accessible from

Welcome to goowy - your personal webtop.

by chunmin & 41 others
goowy is a service that offers you simple, intuitive tools for communicating and sharing on the web.

Big WebOS roundup - 10 online operating systems reviewed - franticindustries.

by chunmin & 8 others
While we’re waiting for Google to launch its own Google OS (if the rumours are true, of course), I’ve checked out 10 web operating systems and what they can do. Not many of them feel like finished and fully usable products, but there are some true gem

Online Spreadsheets - EditGrid

by chunmin & 26 others
An online spreadsheet service with real-time-update and extensive collaboration features.

Odeo: Listen to Thousands of Podcasts (and more)

by chunmin & 40 others
Millions of MP3s and 1000's of audio channels—podcasts, music, and more. Listen, download, subscribe... FREE

Gmail Space | Firefox Add-ons | Mozilla Corporation

by chunmin & 4 others
This extension allows you to use your Gmail Space (2.5 GB and growing) for file storage. It acts as an online drive, so you can upload files from your hard drive and access them from every Internet capable system.

Picasa 網路相簿

by chunmin & 7 others
有了 Picasa 網路相簿,您就擁有 250MB 的可用儲存空間,這可以讓您免費張貼和分享大約 1,000 張的相片。將相片放到網路上如此輕而易舉,您可能還想要更的儲存空間。只要每年付費美金25 元,? - Free Online File Storage

by chunmin & 6 others
Free online file storage and sharing from! Our internet storage service enables you to save, browse, share, & retrieve files, photos, and documents from any computer or mobile device. Signup and receive 1GB for free, or 5GB for only $4.99/mo.

YouTube - Broadcast Yourself.

by chunmin & 144 others
YouTube is a consumer media company for people to watch and share original videos worldwide through a Web experience.

Stickam - Broadcast Yourself LIVE!

by chunmin & 29 others
Stickam™ is a web-based interactive multimedia communications service that allows members to transmit their own Content over the Internet. - GMail Drive shell extension

by chunmin & 35 others
GMail Drive is a Shell Namespace Extension that creates a virtual filesystem around your Google Gmail account, allowing you to use Gmail as a storage medium.

Welcome to Flickr - Photo Sharing

by chunmin & 233 others, 1 comment
Flickr is almost certainly the best online photo management and sharing application in the world. Show off your favorite photos to the world, securely and privately show photos to your friends and family, or blog the photos you take with a cameraphone.

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