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March 2008

norah'# : Prism で拡張機能を使う方法

by talou
Petites astuces pour prism 0.8 Un lanceur de la fenêtre des applications complémentaires dans prism (addon.webapp) qui permet d'installer mirage-prism.xpi, une extension pour faire apparaître la fenêtre des applications complémentaires et la fenêtre about:config

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June 2007

Mark Finkle’s Weblog » Site Specific Browser - Using WebRunner

by srcmax
I have been using the prototype WebRunner for a few days to access GMail and Zimbra. Overall, I am quite happy with the results. The webapps load fast and I like having them appear in my ALT TAB list. I am using Firefox for browsing and not running webapps, which feels better too. Firefox stays snappy and I have not had to “kill” its process because of speed or hung webapp problems.

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