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...:::Exploring Africa by Lindsay Brasell...:::

by knann
Zunal is a new web service that makes creating Webquests a snap. This webquest is perfect for the Africa unit. Downloads include a powerpoint for weblinks to find information. Excellent word.doc report template also included.


Wetlands webquest

by jgrogan
Introduction Not so long ago, all of the area where you live was farmland.


by jgrogan
Introduction Behind your home a new sub-division is in the planning stages. There is a beautiful swamp, which you do not want to be destroyed. Make a presentation about the importance of the wetlands and why they should be preserved.

Exploring Our Solar System

by knann (via)
webquest for grades 4-5 See entire unit here:




by carolina
[CRA Alta Ribagorza] <<<

A Creative Encounter of the Numerical Kind

by knann (via)
After researching place value and numeration systems, students create a base-4 numeration system for a primitive alien tribe.

Searching for Solutions WebQuest

by knann
This web-based unit will introduce students to strategies and real-life practice activities for applying problem-solving skills. Students will investigate real problems through a variety of websites and group activities. - Educación y TIC

by carolina & 1 other
Entrevista a Nora Aznar sobre webquest y videojuegos

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