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Cognitive seduction (a Typology of User Experience Pleasures)

by fave
1. Discovery - User experience as exploration of new territory 2. Challenge - User experience as obstacles to overcome, goals lying just beyond current skill and knowledge levels 3. Narrative - User experience as story arc (user on hero’s journey) and character identification 4. Self-expression - User experience as self-discovery and creativity 5. Social framework - User experience as an opportunity for interaction/fellowship with others 6. Cognitive Arousal - User experience as brain teaser 7. Thrill - User experience as risk-taking with a safety net 8. Sensation - User experience as sensory stimulation 9. Triumph - User experience as opportunity to kick ass 10. Flow - User experience as opportunity for complete concentration, extreme focus, lack of self-awareness 11. Accomplishment - User experience as opportunity for productivity and success 12. Fantasy - User experience as alternate reality 13. Learning - User experience as opportunity for growth and improvement

Download generation 'apathetic'

by fave
They found music had "lost its aura" and was seen as a commodity


Sociology of Online Shoppers Worldwide

by fave
discrepancy btwn europe - france- and the usa in online shopping

Media, media everywhere, and no time left to think?

by fave
The average American is a ravenous media junkie, consuming up to nine hours a day of television, web time or cellphone minutes, according to new research which raises fresh questions about how technology is revolutionising society.

Psychology of Cyberspace

by fave
Cyberspace as Psychological Space

How to Save the World

by fave & 1 other
The Psychology of Information, or Why We Don't Share Stuff

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