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2008 v2.1 is here - The most significant release, ever!

by dhiraj
Cynapse just announced their v2.1 release of server. There's microblogging (like twitter) which can be used to have a private team collaborate quickly. Lots of new features and new AJAX UI. Neat!


Max Kiesler - 60 More AJAX Tutorials

by shoroco & 30 others
With the popularity of AJAX growing every day I've had the opportunity to collect and try out many more tutorials in the last several months. These examples and how-to's represent the best tutorials that I've personally used or otherwise had the opportunity to work with out of the overall group. This post is intended for individuals who learn best by example. Most of the listed tutorials come complete with instructions and source code. I've also categorized all of the tutorials for easy browsing. Enjoy!

Kiesler phpWebSite consulting

by rck
My personal homepage. I am René C. Kiesler, consultant for phpWebSite and other web based content management systems.


Functioning Form - Interface Design Blog

by Sheino & 2 others
Function Form is about interface design, the user experience design process, Web applications, and more.

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