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Free Website With Flash Website Builder at

by HK & 13 others
A small but growing start-up, we love it when you use Wix to make your own fabulous websites and other Flash creations. And it's thanks to the support and feedback from users like you that Wix continues to evolve! Check out our blog to keep track of our latest news & features. Or get back to playing on


Espritblog - Ecrire pour le Web, formation soundslides, conseil éditorial.

by HK & 1 other
L’esprit Blog propose : • Une réflexion sur les nouvelles pratiques du métier de journalisme, vues d’ici et d’ailleurs. • Un regard sur les médias en ligne. • Des coups de coeur, Des coups de gueule. • Des ressources pour bien blogger, podcaster ou videocaster.

Prezi - The zooming presentation editor

by HK & 19 others
Prezi is zooming sketches on a digital napkin. It's visualization and storytelling without slides. Your ideas live on stage and on the web. Have you ever wondered about presenting your thoughts as free as they come? Ever got tired of creating a slideshow? It's been said, that the best innovations come from people who are unhappy with the tools they use. We realized that our ideas won't fit into slides anymore. Putting together creative thinking and technology expertise, we have created Prezi, a living presentation tool.

Behance Network :: Gallery

by HK & 19 others
A free platform for the world's leading creative professionals.


It's all about you - Carnets de La Grange

by greut & 3 others, 3 comments

Le Web 2.0 a fonctionné sur le thème du « It's all about you » qui se résumait en fait à « It's all about your data for our advertisement incomes. »

très très justement décrit. Tant de considérer les services 2.0 comme périphériques et plus centraux et d'avoir un serveur perso par la même.

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