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March 2008

chrisbrogan's bookmarks on

by springnet
remarkably relevant bookmarks on business, software, art, design, learning, linux, web 2.0, gtd, howto, research, acme, illustration, entrepreneur, podcasting, dly, bsmin, podcast, graphics, bizinbox, blogs, wordpress, blog, mp3, photos, rss, free, etc.

February 2008

November 2007

trendalicious v2.0

by springnet & 1 other
trendalicious is a real-time ranking of the 100 most popular web pages as reflected by, digg, and reddit. URLs posted to those sites are collected and ranked by their total number of votes or links.

October 2007

The Web Profile Aggregators : Somewhat Frank :: web 2.0 ● technology ● life :: blog by Frank Gruber

by springnet & 1 other
Several products have emerged in an effort to help users better manage and display all of their profiles in one place. This article will showcase these web profile aggregators more closely as we look to unify our online identities & stay updated

May 2007

Top 20 Social Bookmarking Sites May 2007 | eBizMBA

by springnet
Here are the top 20 largest social bookmarking sites ranked by a combination of Compete and Quantcast data. For each site, we show unique U.S. monthly visitor data as well as respective rank.

March 2007

February 2007

January 2007

GROU.PS | The Social Groupware Innovator

by pallefs & 6 others
Get a FREE Web Site For Your Social Group Share photos, bookmarks, to-dos, blog entries, notes, souvenirs, locations... Stay in touch via SMS, email and online chat... No duplicate efforts! Synch with Y! Groups, Blogger,, Flickr and others... Fully integrated with your mobile phone and desktop!

December 2006

Bookmarks . fr : gestion et partage de favoris

by stoff & 11 others est un nouveau service, 100% français, de gestion et de partage de favoris.

November 2006

October 2006

Web 2.0 Tools

by knann
diymedia" on bookmarks

September 2006

The Social Bookmarking Faceoff

by springnet & 9 others
The social bookmarking market is in a steady state with two dominant players - and StumbleUpon. The rest of the pack, including Yahoo MyWeb, appears to be substantially behind. Will they catch up? In this post we attempt to answer that questio

Welcome to Gnosh

by springnet & 2 others
Gnosh is a meta-search tool. Think dim sum: Gnosh pulls morsels from all over the web and organizes them on one plate for you.


by jasonbentley & 37 others
Displays new bookmarks in real time

July 2006

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