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26 August 2005

Web Standards Awards ::

by xenomorph
Form and Function Combined

25 August 2005

Brèves - Du nouveau en matière de notes de bas de page | Omacronides

by fredbird
Du nouveau sur les notes de bas de page dans les documents web : d'un côté une solution javascript qui reprend le concept d'Andreas Bovens, de l'autre un outil surpuissant très séduisant.

An Introduction to Mac OS X Security

by xenomorph
This article presents topics that will help you make Mac OS X secure. If you are familiar with UNIX systems, you may want to skip the following section, which discusses some basic UNIX concepts, and move to the later portion of the article, which looks at the specifics of Mac OS X security. If, however, you come to Mac OS X from OS 9.x and would like some UNIX background information, be sure to read what follows.

23 August 2005


by xenomorph & 4 others
PHP & MySQL Code examples,tutorials,Classes and web development resources

19 August 2005

Open Source Web Development Tutorials - Dev Shed

by xenomorph & 13 others
Open Source Web Development Tutorials - Dev Shed

The Watchmaker Project

by xenomorph
A blog of acquiescent temper, miscellaneous opinions, and uncertain vote

14 August 2005

PHP kitchen

by xenomorph & 4 others
# PEAR tutorials # PHP freelance # PHP frameworks # Open Source/Free Software Papers # IBM Tutorials # Video Surveillance # Fuzzy Cognitive Maps

JavaScript AJAX HTTP Requests

by xenomorph & 4 others
Webauthoring HTML Form Workshop HTML List Workshop Semantic HTML Webserver Setup PHP Pieces Development Tools Firefox Extensions JavaScript Requests XML/XSLT XHTML Advocacy

A List Apart

by xenomorph & 101 others
A List Apart Magazine explores the design, development, and meaning of web content, with a special focus on techniques and benefits of designing with web standards.

Ajax Patterns

by xenomorph & 8 others is an in-progress collection of AJAX patterns being collected and discovered by Michael (mailto:[email protected]) Mahemoff

12 August 2005

Thinking and Making

by xenomorph & 4 others
Best Practices: Implementing javascript for rich internet applications

AjaxTags - Overview

by xenomorph & 14 others
The AJAX Tag Library is a set of JSP tags that simplify the use of Asynchronous JavaScript and XML (AJAX) technology in JavaServer Pages. AJAX is primarily rooted in JavaScript. However, many server-side developers do not have an extensive knowledge of client-side programming in the browser. It's much easier in some cases for J2EE developers, especially, to simply add a JSP tag to the page to gain the function desired. This tag library fills that need by not forcing J2EE developers to write the necessary JavaScript to implement an AJAX-capable web form. The tag library provides support for live form updates for the following use cases: autocomplete based on character input to an input field, select box population based on selections made from another field, callout or balloon popups for highlighting content, refreshing form fields, and toggling images and form field states on/off. The implementation is a combination of Java classes and JavaScript source files. The Java code should be OS independent as there are no client side components. However, the Java is dependent on JDK 1.4+ and requires a Servlet container to run. The JavaScript should run in at least Firefox 1.0+ and Internet Explorer 5.0+.

09 August 2005

Mandarin Design: CSS Opacity and Transparency

by xenomorph & 17 others (via)
Opacity can be thought of conceptually as a postprocessing operation. Conceptually, after the element (including its children) is rendered into an RGBA offscreen image, the opacity setting specifies how to blend the offscreen rendering into the current composite rendering.

08 August 2005

Metawire Network ÷ open hosting

by xenomorph is a collaboritive effort between Daniel Selans, Eric Harrison and many others to provide free shell, email, and webhosting at a quality of service unheard of on the Internet today. offers the most storage space, a diverse selection of domains to choose from, and a great underlying OS (OpenBSD) to power a new generation of free hosting services. Metawire offers unrivaled levels of service, poising itself high above any and all existing competitors.

06 August 2005 - About Us

by xenomorph
The Mambo Project Team is made up of individuals from the community who create the plans and implement the programming that makes the Mambo system. There are several groups within the Mambo Project Team; Core programming, Maintenance and Documentation. These three areas fill vital roles in developing new directions, maintaining exisiting systems and developing a library of learning materials respectively.

31 July 2005


by xenomorph & 3 others
Welcome to AmbitiousLemon! Let me take a moment to explain to you just what makes AmbitiousLemon so unqiue. We are not a company. Our aim is not profit. We are a handful of computer enthusiasts dedicated to building a free web hosting service where our emphasis is the community we host rather than our own financial gain. You have the talent, the content, and the desire to share it with the world. We are the means to that end.

27 July 2005


by xenomorph
Free Templates & Tutorials

22 July 2005

Cahier des charges Web : mode d'emploi

by fredbird & 3 others (via)
Premier document contractuel d'un projet Web, le cahier des charges vise à formaliser les besoins et les exigences de l'entreprise. Considéré comme un passage obligé, c'est en réalité le premier pas vers un projet maîtrisé.

21 July 2005

Strategies for CSS Switching

by fredbird & 3 others
we will explore different techniques for democratizing our design through the use of style sheet switching. By applying a different CSS file to a markup document, we can drastically change any or all aspects of its design—the layout, typography, or color palette. This technique may hold incredible appeal to designers because it exponentially decreases the amount of overhead required to redesign a site. But, as you’ll see, this technique can wield incredible benefits to our site’s users, allowing them fine-grained control over a page’s presentation and, in turn, better access to the content therein.

19 July 2005

Content with Style: Database-driven tree structures with XML and XSLT

by fredbird & 1 other
This article deals with the display of tree-structures that are driven by a database. There are actually a few approaches to transform a 2-dimensional structure into a tree, and it seems odd that most are unknown to many developers.

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