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CSS Juice

by xenomorph & 2 others
Design, Tutorial, Showcase and more » 25 Rounded Corners Techniques with CSS


Open Web Design - Download Free Web Design Templates

by xenomorph & 30 others
Open Web Design is a community of designers and site owners sharing free web design templates as well as web design information. Helping to make the internet a prettier place!

Nifty Corners Cube - freedom to round

by xenomorph & 40 others, 1 comment
Nifty Corners are a solution based on CSS and Javascript to get rounded corners without images.

Netdiver ToolBox -> Design, flash and code resources

by xenomorph
Toolbox  --> / Bookshelves / Codezone / Designers / Developers / Flashware / Portals / Collaborative


Strategies for CSS Switching

by fredbird & 3 others
we will explore different techniques for democratizing our design through the use of style sheet switching. By applying a different CSS file to a markup document, we can drastically change any or all aspects of its design—the layout, typography, or color palette. This technique may hold incredible appeal to designers because it exponentially decreases the amount of overhead required to redesign a site. But, as you’ll see, this technique can wield incredible benefits to our site’s users, allowing them fine-grained control over a page’s presentation and, in turn, better access to the content therein.

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