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04 October 2005 09:00

Fiches de l'AWT

by fredbird
Fiches techniques, juridiques et methodologiques de l'Agence Wallone de Télécommunication

06 September 2005 12:15

Optimisation php - optimiser php

by fredbird & 7 others
PHP est un langage de programmation interprété, c'est à dire que le fichier texte contenant le code PHP est analysé puis traité directement (pas de code compilé). Nous allons voir comment optimiser PHP pour tirer le maximum de performances.

21 July 2005 13:30

Strategies for CSS Switching

by fredbird & 3 others
we will explore different techniques for democratizing our design through the use of style sheet switching. By applying a different CSS file to a markup document, we can drastically change any or all aspects of its design—the layout, typography, or color palette. This technique may hold incredible appeal to designers because it exponentially decreases the amount of overhead required to redesign a site. But, as you’ll see, this technique can wield incredible benefits to our site’s users, allowing them fine-grained control over a page’s presentation and, in turn, better access to the content therein.

19 July 2005 15:30

Content with Style: Database-driven tree structures with XML and XSLT

by fredbird & 1 other
This article deals with the display of tree-structures that are driven by a database. There are actually a few approaches to transform a 2-dimensional structure into a tree, and it seems odd that most are unknown to many developers.

19 July 2005 14:00

13 July 2005 13:15

Untangle URIs, URLs, and URNs

by fredbird & 2 others (via)
In information management, persistence and availability are in constant tension. This tension has led to separate technologies for Uniform Resource Names (URNs) and Uniform Resource Locators (URLs). Meanwhile, Uniform Resource Identifiers (URIs) are designed to serve as both persistent names and available locations. This article explains how to use the current URI standards with XML technologies, gives a history of URNs and URLs, and provides a perspective on the tension between persistence and availability.

Behaviour : Using CSS selectors to apply Javascript behaviours

by fredbird & 27 others (via)
AJAX (asynchronous javascript and xml) has been getting a lot of press lately. It is seen as a way to add desktop-application functionality to html pages. Things like Drag and drop, Fluid animations and Dynamic page updates. It's great to see public uptake of these technologies - but it worries me to see the influx of <SCRIPT> tags and onclick attributes into webpages.

21 June 2005 08:15

by fredbird & 37 others (via)
Designed for humans first and machines second, microformats are a set of simple, open data formats built upon existing and widely adopted standards.

17 June 2005 10:00

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