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December 2006

September 2005

PHP Input Filter

by xenomorph & 1 other
PHP Input Filter - 1.2.2 a free php class that allows developers to easily filter input coming from the user (HTML forms, cookies etc) for a number of reasons. The focus of this tool is on customisation. v1.2.2 features SQL injection support, PHP5 Strict version, as well as several patches and bugfixes. Thanks to everyone who's emailed in to make this much more stable and well-rounded.

A Gentle Introduction to SQL

by xenomorph & 30 others
Interactive SQL tutorial, learn about: SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, DB2, Mimer SQL, PostgreSQL and Access.

July 2005

Content with Style: Database-driven tree structures with XML and XSLT

by fredbird & 1 other
This article deals with the display of tree-structures that are driven by a database. There are actually a few approaches to transform a 2-dimensional structure into a tree, and it seems odd that most are unknown to many developers.

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