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December 2006 - Large Tutorial Site

by xenomorph & 1 other
PHP CSS Ajax Javascript MySQL HTML ASP Webmaster General Development Flash

May 2006

PHP Presents

by xenomorph & 6 others
Welcome to the PHP Presentation System. Here we list all of the available presentation categories stored within this system.

March 2006

PHP Labs - PHP Scripts [Index]

by xenomorph
This website was designed to suit webmasters' needs at a cost that won't break the budget. We specialize in "off the shelf" PHP scripts and custom PHP programming, support, and installation. Please enjoy the site and look at the many reasons to become a member today!


by xenomorph
JavaScript the complete gate, huge JavaScript Resource.

by xenomorph
Web / Programming / JavaScript - and more (TM)

by xenomorph & 6 others
- The Definitive JavaScript Resource: JavaScript Tutorials, Free Java Scripts, Source Code and Other Scripting Resources

JavaScript Kit- Comprehensive JavaScript, DHTML, CSS tutorials and over400+ free JavaScripts!

by xenomorph & 9 others
Free JavaScripts - JavaScript Tutorials - Free Java applets - DHTML/CSS Tutorials - Web building tutorials - JavaScript Reference - DOM Reference

December 2005

Why Frameworks Suck -

by sutekidane & 1 other (via)
Development frameworks are supposed to be our friends. Instead, they often just get in the way. Frameworks suck.

October 2005

Cheat Sheet Roundup

by xenomorph & 58 others
Cheat Sheet Roundup - Over 30 Cheatsheets for developers

XHTML2: Accessible, Usable, Device Independent and Semantic

by xenomorph & 6 others
XHTML2: Accessible, Usable, Device Independent and Semantic

URIs, Addressability, and the use of HTTP GET and POST

by xenomorph & 4 others
URIs, Addressability, and the use of HTTP GET and POST

September 2005

Ajax est déjà obsolète - jy[B]log

by bagou & 11 others (via)
Bref, je trouve que cette technique laisse vraiment à désirer en terme de productivité et d'efficacité, et qu'il faudrait orienter les évolutions du web, non pas vers xmlhttprequest + DOM, mais vers d'autres concepts plus simple à utiliser dérivant de ceux que l'on trouve déjà dans... HTML !

by xenomorph & 10 others
Free Programmers', Webmasters' and Security Resources

PHP Application Tools

by xenomorph
PHP Applicaton Tools, aka 'pat' is a collection of LGPL and GPL PHP-based software destined to make everyday web development easier . The Idea The original idea comes from Stephan Schmidt, who started developing tools to help him in his work. As he was developing these tools both at home and at work, he decided to make them GPL-licensed so that they could be used freely.

Xethorn - Les trackbacks

by cherbourg & 12 others (via)
Les trackbacks ont été créés par Benjamin et Mena Trott en Août 2002. Suite à cela, une spécification a été écrite et est disponible sur le site de movabletype. Ce système correspond à du peer-to-peer entre sites web puisque des informations sont échangées sous le protocole HTTP (en méthode POST). Il y aura donc deux serveurs (ou deux sites) qui entreront en communication et qui échangeront des données.

Web Developer's Virtual Library:

by xenomorph & 7 others
Web Development Tutorials and Resources including JavaScript, HTML, PHP, ASP, favicon, Perl, Flash and more!!

PHP Help: PHP Freaks!

by xenomorph & 16 others
This website exists to provide you with information to use while learning or developing PHP and MySQL. If you need PHP Help or you would like to provide PHP Help to other developers, you are in the right place. Additionally, we offer Apache Help, MySQL Help, Javascript Help, CSS Help, XML Help and much more.

A Gentle Introduction to SQL

by xenomorph & 30 others
Interactive SQL tutorial, learn about: SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, DB2, Mimer SQL, PostgreSQL and Access.

August 2005 Experiments in Web Programming

by xenomorph & 19 others, 1 comment
Experiments in Web Programming :: CSS JavaScript DHTML ASP .Net Java


by xenomorph & 4 others
PHP & MySQL Code examples,tutorials,Classes and web development resources

JavaScript AJAX HTTP Requests

by xenomorph & 4 others
Webauthoring HTML Form Workshop HTML List Workshop Semantic HTML Webserver Setup PHP Pieces Development Tools Firefox Extensions JavaScript Requests XML/XSLT XHTML Advocacy

Ajax Patterns

by xenomorph & 8 others is an in-progress collection of AJAX patterns being collected and discovered by Michael (mailto:[email protected]) Mahemoff

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