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WebApps - WebApps, annuaire des applications Web 2.0

by fredbird & 9 others
Ce site est encore en cours de construction. La fonction principale de cet annuaire est de référencer la plupart des applications ou sites Web 2.0 Français (ou en langue Française). Les sites sont classés par catégorie et par nombre de vote et c'est là que vous intervenez.


YouOS: What is all this?

by fredbird
YouOS is a web operating system that lets you run diverse applications within a web browser. Small applications like sticky notes or clocks. Large applications like word processing, mp3 players, and instant messaging. Even better, it's very easy to tweak an existing application or write your own.


PHP on TRAX :: Rapid Development Made Easy

by fredbird & 14 others
If you are web developer and are fed up with the spaghetti code you have come to the right place. Php On Trax(formerly Php On Rails) is a web-application and persistance framework that is based on Ruby on Rails and includes everything needed to create database-backed web-applications according to the Model-View-Control pattern of separation.


by fredbird & 3 others
Localhost is a program that lets you access a shared, world-wide file system through your web browser. This file system is maintained in a fully decentralized way by all of the computers running Localhost. The program uses BitTorrent technology, and new Distributed Hashtable technology called Kademlia.

Some ideas to improve tags use in social software

by fredbird & 2 others
Where categories are managed by specialists in order to achieve the best classification, tags are users rough approximation of classification for a practical use. Here is a small proposal to improve flat hierarchy efficiency by patching it with some bits of categorization, while keeping the tags theirselves simple and natural...

Ergonomie web et logiciel, architecture de l'information, utilisabilité

by fredbird & 13 others
Ergolab est un site de ressources en ergonomie web et logiciel. C'est une boîte à idées pour comprendre et appliquer l'ergonomie informatique.

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