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uw design 2010

by topdos
Within the University of Washington Division of Design, there are three majors—Visual Communication Design, Industrial Design and Design Studies—as well as a series of courses in Interaction Design. The division educates and trains designers to create and develop concepts that optimize the function, value, and appearance of communications, products and systems.



Pasco Real Estate

by Dimma
There are Pasco homes that are on the market for a very long time. When other properties around a house are selling and this one hasn’t, it can cause potential buyers to be wary.

Airport Parking of Washington

by bl5189e0 & 1 other
About The Airport Parking Of Washington. Information, Pictures And News.

Elementary My Dear Watson - Music Bands Led Zeppelin

by chernobylnews
Originally from Eastern Washington, so I can drive in snow (a rarity in Seattle). Have a wonderful blue-eyed blonde wife (Annette) and two kids (Still trying to get the last one moved out). Fell into embedded software engineering a few years back and have been able to make a living at it. Play guitar and am pretty much stuck in the 70's (Led Zeppelin medley anyone?). This is a paragraph of text that could go in the sidebar. Thanks for stopping by.

Baltimore Washington International Airport

by bl100bec
Washington International Airport in Baltimore. Information about the washington international airport.

The Library of Congress

by sitesbib & 5 others
Site de la bibliothèque du Congrès. Informations et actualités en page d'accueil. Des menus et des vignettes permettent d'accéder à l'ensemble des contenus et services du site. Des accès sur profils (enfants/familles, bibliothécaires, éditeurs, chercheurs, enseignants, visiteurs) renvoient vers des pages spécifiques, sélectionnant les informations et ressources intéressant chaque cible (par ex., les expositions, manifestations et informations pratiques pour les visiteurs). Un nouvel outil de recherche fédérée permet d'interroger simultanément les catalogues, les collections numérisées, le portail de la législation américaine et les pages du site.

Washington Police Department

by bl100bec & 2 others
information about the police department. pictures, news and a lot more.

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