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January 2007

President Ahmadinejad's Count Down to War?

Ahmadinejad mind-map bullet points: - Holocaust denier - US/Israel “soon to be destroyed” - “one bomb” will destroy Israel - North Koreans assisting Iran’s nuclear program - Israel very quiet recently - Israel political will and military resources to attack Iran unilaterally? - 2nd U.S. carrier group en route Persian Gulf - U.S. defend Iraq’s Iran / Syrian borders in response? - 2009 term limit, Parliament shortened Ahmadinejad’s term? - ‘Hojjatieh’ ultra-conservative Shia believer of the 12th Imam/Mahdi - Ahmadinejad wants his administration to ‘pave way for 12th Imam’s return - His administration politically weaker; forcing his hand? - Inflation, unemployment, building opposition to his policies - Ahmadinejad even scares Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei - Ayathollah’s recent overtures (”goodwill”) to U.S. via Saudi King - Sec. of State - Condi Rice - making trip to Riyadh next week

November 2006

Propaganda Exposed The Extremist Agenda - Glen Beck Show

by amosdettonville
Glen Beck show - where Glen narrates a behind the scenes, other side of the curtain look at islamic terrorism. The whole show minus commercials is here (time 41 mins). I think I even spelled Glenn with two "n"s in this? Maybe...

August 2006

Music, life, politics and current events

by jahson
A place for music fans to get thier news on current events. You get the facts in a poetic kind of delivery. Not boring like CNN and Fox.. oh and we tell the truth to the best of our knowledge. No slanted coverage.

March 2006

The Fourth Rail

by ROWENS325
History,Politics and War on Terror

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