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11 March 2008 08:00

How to Split lighttpd Logs With vlogger in Debian Etch -- Debian Admin

by camel
Vlogger is a little piece of code borned to handle dealing with large amounts of virtualhost logs. It’s bad news that apache can’t do this on its own. Vlogger takes piped input from apache, splits it off to separate files based on the first field. It uses a file handle cache so it can’t run out of file descriptors. It will also start a new logfile every night at midnight, and maintain a symlink to the most recent file. For security, it can drop privileges and do a chroot to the logs directory. we need to put just one accesslog.filename directive into our global lighttpd configuration, and it will write access logs for each virtual host and day. Therefore, you do not have to split lighttpd’s overall access log into access logs for each virtual host each day, and you do not have to configure lighttpd to write one access log per virtual host

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