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..:: 6rounds - Live Meeting Point | Hang out and do stuff with friends and friends to be ::..

by ycc2106
“6rounds is a live meeting point. It's a truly unique, exciting and interactive online environment, offering users a variety of experiences that they enjoy together. Using a combination of webcams, real-time games, social activities and media engagements, we present a wide range of opportunities: from watching videos, playing real-time games, listening to music, facebooking and youtubing, to shopping together and beyond.” - Speak like Me!

by ycc2106
Access students around the entire world that want to learn your language. You can teach class no matter where you are, at any time you want, without having to go anywhere!

by ycc2106 is a web conference system for up to 24 users for 24/7. (We have a pro account option menu.) Only a meeting host user needs to create a user account. Other members can join the meeting by web browser without registration or login. It's so easy. (If you use your browser in English, all texts convert in English automatically and you can use it at international conference.)

Free, instant, and disposable two-way video chat! |

by ycc2106 & 1 other
We provide free, instant, and disposable two-way video conferencing. It's simple, fun, doesn't require installing any plugins and, most importantly of all, it's FREE!

Welcome to Dimdim

by ycc2106
Meeting tool: videochat, Share desktop, show slides

Mikogo Skype Extra

by Monique
Perfecting Collaboration: Mikogo Launches Free Screen Sharing Skype Extra



Tungle - What's Tungle

by cyberien
Tungle is a light but powerful peer-to-peer (P2P) meeting coordinator. You can use Tungle to arrange meetings with friends, co-workers or business associates no matter where they are or what calendaring software they use

Dimdim: The world's FREE web meeting - Home

by cyberien & 15 others (via)
Dimdim is the Open Source web conferencing company. With Dimdim you can show Presentations, Applications and Desktops to any other person over the internet. You can chat, show your webcam and talk with others in the meeting. More.. Dimdim is an independent software vendor (ISV). Customers install our software on their premises. We are seeking partners to provide hosted Dimdim web conferencing, customizations and associated services.


by cyberien & 1 other
The simple meeting tool that works in a web browser and creates instant web replays!



AOL Video IM

by Sheino
AOL Instant Messenger supports videoconferencing with iChat AV.

Apple - iChat - Download

by Sheino
iChat AV 2.1 lets you conference with both Mac and PC users.

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