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🛠 Skype : des appels vidéo sans compte ni installation - Comment Ça Marche

by decembre
Microsoft a décidé de faciliter l'utilisation de son service avec une fonction baptisée Skype Meet Now. Ainsi, il est désormais possible de lancer des conversations audio et vidéo avec Skype sans inscription ni installation, avec juste un navigateur Web comme Edge ou Chrome. Il suffit pour ce faire d'aller sur la page spéciale, de générer un lien et de l'envoyer par mail à un ou plusieurs correspondants pour créer et rejoindre une "conférence" vidéo, y compris avec des personnes qui n'utilisent pas Skype habituellement. Et, bien entendu, cette fonction est entièrement gratuite comme le service. Une bonne idée – même si la fonction n'est pas réellement nouvelle – qui devrait populariser davantage Skype face à une concurrence de plus en plus rude.



by gregg
Audio Transcription Services: MP3s, Video and more...


Add live, face-to-face video with the OpenTok platform | TokBox

by srcmax & 2 others
Enhance your products with live, face-to-face communication.


Dragontape - Online video mixtapes

by Krome & 3 others
Dragontape is a webapp that enables you to create mixtapes of your favorite online videos, so you can watch them as a continuous show. The tapes you create are accessed through a single URL, so you can easily share with friends or embed them in a webpage. The source clips remain in their original locations, Dragontape simply remembers where to find them.


ZoomWit Mail

by ycc2106
supports high quality Video, Audio, Rich Text and SMS message formats.


2007 (beta)

by desavoye & 10 others
video blogging service de qualité

RobotReplay - The Next Generation of Web Analytics

by ycc2106 & 4 others
RobotReplay lets you record and watch your website visitors in action. View recorded sessions of every mouse movement, click and keystroke

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by oqdbpo & 1 other
iminlikewithyou is a fun, free, and easy way to meet new people. Find someone you're in like with. Flirt with them – with your wittiest banter, photos, and video – impress them. Then show them how much you really dig them by bidding points in their game. They choose a winner. You two communicate. Keep the crush going with protected e-mail, SMS, and phone calls, and decide if you want to hang out. The rest is up to you! 100% FREE SEX TV ONLINE 24/7

by johndodoe
Online adult TV running 24h/7 Free and without popups. Seems to works pretty well.

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