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May 2007

Funmunch Videos

by promote_web
Features funny videos to view and share online.

January 2007

Video Voting Battle/Sports: A Slam Dunk

by artarmon
TubeBattle is a free exciting, interactive, and always entertaining video voting site. The different categories include, Best of You Tube, People’s Choice, Comedy, Sports, Music, and Video Blogs. Viewers vote for the best in each category. The Sports category offers exciting clips from sporting events and championship wins. Video’s battle it out in video vs. video; choose your favorite one, then Email it to friends and family. Do you look at all the videos and think I know one that’s better, one that’s a must see, join the battle. At, all the greatest videos are gathered together in one location. Have a suggestion for a future battle, click on the button, and join the video crusade.

November 2006

by NV20 & 2 others
The original video sharing site.

Commander James Bond 007: Licence to Sell

by andymax
Bond, Casino Royale, stunning girls and a list of product placements from Aston Martin over Sony Ericcson to Omega sound like a big advert event ready to kill. I have't yet seen Casino Royale, but I've made my mind about it: I like James Bond movies and I'm going to watch Casino Royale.

September 2006

Share video in a free way

by jabba1
Complete free video sharing system

August 2006

June 2006

Video and Photo Sharing

by jtgoldstn & 1 other (via)
Share your photos and videos with friends, family and the world.

May 2006

March 2006

YouTube - Broadcast Yourself.

by Sprout & 144 others
we should post our commercials here

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