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22 February 2007 07:00 : Online Shop for books, music, DVD, Electronics & more

by brookeyan
Online Shopping & comparison for wide range of products & services including apparel, books, cllectibles, music, DVD, electronics, jewelry, coupons and more with easy deal.

25 January 2007 18:15

Midgets and Insults

by BHegnauer (via)
How do you market your new hand-held game system to hardcore gamers and techno-nerds? Why, insult them with a skeevy looking midget of course! Wait… What?

29 September 2006 05:00

Fedmich's Homepage

by fedmich
Watch funny movies, funny pictures, read jokes, play games online. Be updated and get news from your favorite computer shop here in Las Piñas, Philippines.

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