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Ray Harryhausen Presents; The Pit and the Pendulum Short Film

by pitandthependulumshortfilm & 9 others, 1 comment
A short, stop motion animated film Executive Produced by Ray Harryhausen (Seventh Voyage of Sinbad, Clash of the Titans) & Fred Fuchs (Dracula & Frankenstein), Directed by Marc Lougee (Celebrity Deathmatch, Dinsosapien, What It's Like Being Alone). VFX by Switch VFX (land of the Dead, Everest) THE PIT AND THE PENDULUM revisits the classic Edgar Allan Poe short story of condemnation, judgment, hope and redemption.

by edit101
Popular Online Computer Graphics Magazine and CG Portal .......Tutorials, reviews, plugins, textures, 3d models and much more!



Serenity (2005) the Movie: News, Articles, Resources, Images - CG Explorer

by xaxxy (via)
News and Resources about Universal Studios's Serenity. The feature film based on the Firefly TV series. Release date: 30th September 2005

Sin City Movie News & Resources (2005) Books DVDs Photos VFX Film CGexplorer

by xaxxy
Latest news about the CG VFX feature film Sin City.Directed by Robert Rodriguez (director) and Frank Miller (co-director), released on 1st April 2005

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