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Verses for Daily Living

by blackgoldfish
Following the Breath Breathing in, I calm my body Breathing out, I smile Dwelling in the present moment I know this is a wonderful moment Breathing in, I know I am breathing in And breathing, out I know As the in-breath goes deep The out-breath grows slow Breathing in makes me calm Breathing out brings me ease With the in breath, I smile With the out breath, I release Breathing in, there is only the present moment Breathing out, it is a wonderful moment In, Out Deep, Slow Calm, Ease Smile, Release Present moment, Wonderful moment

2006 - Your source for inspirational poems, movies, screensavers and more

by 7inspirations publishes award-winning inspirational screensavers and Flash movies along with famous poems, hymns and music for Christian audiences.

亭思間 » BibleGateway 的每日經文

by sidekick & 1 other
Quote: BibleGateway 和其它的《每日讀經》服務有點不同的地方是它有很多種譯本可以給你選擇,還可以聽人讀!非常好! p.s 嘩!用中文的聖經竟然真的會用中文(正確來說是普通話)讀的呀!還會一宜的讀下去!我還以為它只會用英文讀就算了


Atomic Poet

by atomicpoet
Hi there! Welcome to my poetry blog. Over here, I hope you will discover pictures painted with words, feelings and deep longings articulated, and thoughts splashed with colour.

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