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Zhejiang Tianji Rubber Co., Ltd.

by tianjisunny
Zhejiang Tianji Rubber Co., Ltd., established in 1965, covers a total area of more than 35, 000 square meters. Equipped with sophisticated manufacturing equipment imported form Germany, our company specializes in the production of various rubber products. Our main products include common V-belt, agriculture hexangular belt, synchronous belt, flat transmission belt, conveyor belt, ribbed belt and raw-edged V-belt. Staffed with highly qualified personnel and backed by strong financial budget, we boast of advanced technological process and the whole set of facilities and instruments for quality inspection. With stable performance and excellent quality, our products comply with the State Standard. Our corporation has continuously been evaluated by the Governmental Agencies as an enterprise with good credit for 20 year, and awarded the enterprise with the title of top commercial credibility - AAA for 8 year, thus we have effectively improved our management level and ensured the products of high quality. Our products are not only sold well all over China with 6, 800 Chinese clients, but also exported abroad, including Southeast Asia, Western Europe, the United States and Canada. Adhering to our policy of "Innovation, challenge and ambition", we aim to create a popular brand and increase the share of the international market. We will always be honest and warm to our customers, and you are welcome to contact us for more information.



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