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Traditional Ways Of Judging ‘Quality’ In Published Content Are Now Useless | paidContent

by HK
Ben Elowitz (@elowitz) is co-founder and CEO of Wetpaint, a platform for social web sites, and author of the Digital Quarters blog. Prior to Wetpaint, Elowitz co-founded Blue Nile, the online retailer of luxury goods. He is also an angel investor in various media and e-commerce companies.



Is Low NAV fund is better than High NAV fund?

by nag_sunny
We always think that the low NAV means the fund is cheaper. Low NAV implies high number of units alloted, however the total investment will remain unchanged with the Low NAV and high NAV fund as the total investment is the multiplication of total units and the NAV. What matters is the performance of the fund. Take for example, a fund with NAV Rs.20 is giving 20% returns and a fund with NAV Rs.100 giving 40% returns. Assume we invest Rs. 10000 in both the funds. Even though we got more number of units in the first fund, the final value of the investment in the funds become Rs.12000 and Rs.14000 respectively. This shows that the NAV is not the deciding factor in selecting the mutual fund, but the performance of the fund.


by jgrogan
As it turns out, wetlands are far more important than we would have believed. We now realize that they are a very important ecosystem.


by jgrogan
Introduction Behind your home a new sub-division is in the planning stages. There is a beautiful swamp, which you do not want to be destroyed. Make a presentation about the importance of the wetlands and why they should be preserved.

Backyard Bucks: Home improvements that count

by brianwaustin
Believe it or not, not everything you put in your backyard space will improve the value of your home. Kiplinger ran an article this week detailing some of the best "bang for the buck" projects as well as others that won't pay off when it comes to resale value. Having undertaken one of these projects at our house I found it interesting that some additions are more desirable than others.

Wedding Gifts,Gifts for Wedding,Marriage Gifts,Wedding Gift Ideas ...

by laddu1
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Cheap Christmas Gifts, Cheap Christmas Gift Idea, Inexpensive ...

by laddu1
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Amazing Gifts for $1.23 - Truly Impressive!

by laddu1
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开放MySpace的价值 在 {言多必得}

by jackiege
社会化网络正是一个”个人推荐(peer recommendation)”的平台。

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