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scrollama.js : javascript library for scrollytelling (scrolling + storytelling)

by dzc & 1 other
Scrollama is a modern & lightweight javascript library for scrollytelling (scrolling + storytelling) using IntersectionObserver in favor of scroll events.


How To Scroll

by Spone
Scroll-based interaction is incredibly popular for interactive storytelling. There are many compelling reasons for this, yet scrolling is surprisingly nuanced and easy to break. So here are five rules for employing scrolling effectively.


Paris Web 2016 - "Y’a pas d’avancement, pas de grimaces"

by dzc
Après deux années passées dans une jeune pousse de l’e-commerce français, après pas mal de projets échoués et quelques réussites, j’ai tiré de cette expérience de petits enseignements que je viens partager avec vous.

Going Fullscreen: Scale and Define Focal Points for Responsive HTML5 Video | Viget

by sbrothier
This January, we teamed up with Dick's Sporting Goods to launch Gear in Action, a digital lookbook featuring products for the 2014 Baseball season. As you can see on this page of the finished site, video of the products in action displays at full height and width. This occurs regardless of browser size, and without distorting the video's original aspect ratio.

Squarespace Help - Using focal points to crop and center images

by sbrothier
With focal points (the small grey circles that appear over images you're editing), you can exert some control over the area of focus in your images.


by sbrothier (via)
However, you may not want to check Basecamp all the time to look for something new. That's why Basecamp sends notifications to tell you something happened.

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