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New 51-star US Flag design

by IndexMaker
If the Congress will approve Puerto Rico referendum, the US Flag should be changed for a 51-star version.


US also alarmed by China’s intrusions: AFP chief

by alamat (via)
MANILA, Philippines – The United States is also alarmed by China’s intrusions into Philippine territory, Armed Forces chief of staff Gen. Eduardo Oban said on Thursday.

Slate Magazine

by daidix
Site mobile de slate


On Language - Junk -

by jeanruaud
. In a year that brought us vuvuzelas (the dronelike plastic horns at the World Cup in South Africa) and mama grizzlies (Sarah Palin’s cadre of fierce women in the midterm elections), there’s no obvious front-runner in the sweepstakes for WOTY (pronounced “WOE-tee”). But for my money, the one word that sums up the scrapheap of the past year is junk.

You’ve Got to Have (150) Friends -

by jeanruaud
Put simply, our minds are not designed to allow us to have more than a very limited number of people in our social world. The emotional and psychological investments that a close relationship requires are considerable, and the emotional capital we have available is limited. Indeed, no matter what Facebook allows us to do, I have found that most of us can maintain only around 150 meaningful relationships, online and off — what has become known as Dunbar’s number. Yes, you can “friend” 500, 1,000, even 5,000 people with your Facebook page, but all save the core 150 are mere voyeurs looking into your daily life — a fact incorporated into the new social networking site Path, which limits the number of friends you can have to 50. What’s more, contrary to all the hype and hope, the people in our electronic social worlds are, for most of us, the same people in our offline social worlds. In fact, the average number of friends on Facebook is 120 to 130, just short enough of Dunbar’s number to allow room for grandparents and babies, people too old or too young to have acquired the digital habit.

Memo to FIFA -- soccer is big in U.S.

by Hemanshu
NEW YORK -- In the gold-plated St. Regis Hotel just off 5th Avenue, a group of healthy-looking men in fancy suits started to make their case for holding a World Cup in the United States once more.

The New York Times

by topdos
They've won countless awards for their graphic work, but now it's time to dive behind what makes America's most venerated general interest newspaper stand a world apart. Graphics director Steve Duenes and his team of 30-some journalists at The New York Times turn around images at a breakneck daily, if not an hourly, pace, sorting and sifting through reportage to provide the clearest visualization of data possible. How the information is manifested – through diagrams, charts, or interactive media – is up to them, though we've grown to trust their authority on all stories, from the sensitive (9/11) to the scientific (a perfect triple axel at the Olympics). In's latest podcast, we speak with Duenes and graphics editor Archie Tse on location in their New York headquarters to learn a few tricks of the trade.

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